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About ISAP

Imaging Science Application Processing was created with 38 years of experience in the field of radiologic science education, over 70 years combined experience in radiology and 26 years of post-secondary education. Our expertise in the area of radiography sets a standard for application processing. Our goal is to provide unparalleled service in the automation of processing applications for the imaging sciences including radiography, CT, MRI, Radiation Therapy and Ultrasound.


ISAP for Students

An innovative way to ensure that your application is received by the imaging science programs of your choice. This step by step process will guide you in submission of required documentation, transcript requests, observation time and letters of recommendation. Your completed application and all associated documents will be sent electronically.

ISAP for Programs

Imaging Science Application Processing (ISAP) is designed to log into one website and view your applicants and their required documentation. You can add a link to your program website that will direct students to ISAP. Students will be required to submit information based on your specific program selection requirements. Then, you will receive an alert when there are completed application to view, download, and/or print. Since students are charged a minimal fee on an individual basis, there is no cost to your program or institution.

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How it Works


Create A Profile

First you will want to create a profile. Once you are in the system, you will have access to your account for 1 year. If your subscription needs to be renewed after 1 year, you will have the option to do so at a reduced cost. You will be able to upload documents and make revisions before you submit your final application.


Complete an Application

You will be guided through the application process step by step. If your account is inactive for 1 month prior to submission, you will receive an email reminder that you have tasks left to complete.


Select Your Schools

Choose the programs that you want your application sent to.


Submit Your Application

Once you have completed all documentation requirements, submit application and it will be sent to your pre-selected programs.

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